Time To Say Good Bye To Ubaldo?

Should the Orioles cut their losses with Ubaldo Jimenez? Or is it worth it to move him to the bullpen while they try Alec Asher in the starting rotation? On the 400th episode of Baltimore Sports Today, Jab and Zach debate Ubaldo’s future and talk about why it’s such a pleasure to watch Adam Jones play every night.

Capitals Lose Another Game 7, Orioles Get Walked Off

After a brutal night for the Capitals and Orioles, Jab and Zach discuss two tough losses. They chat about how the Caps will respond to another disappointing finish and a let down in game 7. Are big changes looming? The guys also discuss the Nationals walk off victory over the Orioles on Matt Wieters two run single.

Ump Show In Fenway Crushes Orioles

The ump show was in full effect last night at Fenway Park. Kevin Gausman’s 77 MPH curveball that hit Xander Bogaerts was enough to get him ejected in the second inning of last night’s game. Chris Sale’s fastball that was thrown behind Manny Machado the night before only earned him a warning. Then later in the game, Adam Jones was ejected for arguing balls and strikes. Jab and Zach break down the Orioles taking the high road and continuing to get screwed in this confrontation with the Red Sox.

Manny Machado Thinks It’s “F—ing Bulls—” That The Red Sox Keep Throwing At Him

“F—ing bulls—,” Manny Machado told reporters after Chris Sale threw at him in the first pitch of his first at bat last night in Fenway Park. Jab and Zach talk about the seemingly inevitable Orioles-Red Sox brawl, about the benches being warned after Sale’s pitch and Machado’s ability to mash homers after guys throw at him.

Is An Orioles-Red Sox Brawl Inevitable?

Is a brawl inevitable between the Orioles and Red Sox? After Manny Machado’s homer in Fenway and Dylan Bundy hitting Mookie Betts last night, tensions are high between these two teams. Jab and Zach talk about the possibility of it resulting in a fight sometime in the next three games. The guys also talk some hockey after Kevin Shattenkirk’s overtime winner against the Penguins and weigh in on Matt Niskanen’s hit on Sidney Crosby.

Capitals Drop Game 1, Ravens Draft CB Marlon Humphrey

It’s going to be a tight series between the Capitals and Penguins. Pittsburgh bested Washington in game one, Sidney Crosby scored twice. Jab and Zach give their take on last night’s 3-2 loss and talk about the Baltimore Ravens drafting Alabama CB Marlon Humphrey in the first round of last night’s NFL Draft.

Orioles Wrap A 6-3 Road Trip

Wade Miley was dealing last night in Cincinnati and the Orioles took two of three against the Reds. Buck Showalter’s club wrapped a nine game road trip with six wins and return home to Baltimore to face the Boston Red Sox. Jab and Zach give their take on the trip and on Brad Brach’s role in the ninth inning.