Manny Machado’s Second Half Surge

Last night, Manny Machado hit his 27th homer run, tying Jonathan Schoop for the team lead. Jab and Zach talk about Machado’s second half, how the Orioles could re-sign him, and the team’s wild card chances. The guys also banter about super teams, the AL playoff race, and their feelings on salary caps.


Trade Deadline Day

Where is Zach Britton going? Jab and Zach weigh in on the Britton market and the teams knocking on Dan Duquette’s door to make a deal. The guys also give their take on the Jeremy Hellickson deal and what it means for the Orioles the rest of the season.

We Have Bullpen Concerns

The Orioles had a 7-1 lead in Detroit and were unable to hold on to it. Without Zach Britton, the Orioles bullpen just doesn’t seem the same. How has the closer’s absence affected the rest of the staff? Jab and Zach discuss their concerns for the O’s pens and talk about possible solutions.